Art'Edil is a dynamic and reliable reality created on the initiative of Vincenzo Odoguardi, a manager with decades of experience in building and public construction of a large amount of residential units sited in the best Italian locations.
Our firm's phylosophy is based on quality: using the state of the art technologies, working with a maniacal care for details and selecting the best materials to build each unit.
Experts with a huge and solid background in building, share their knowledge to offer a high quality product. Skilled engineers supervise each phase of the project and direct the works in order to guarantee the observance of technical directives, safety and deliver on schedule.
The synergy between project managing and work execution, contributes to make our customers confident to be followed with professionalism and reduce errors in costs and time estimates.


We as Art'Edil offer reliable and safe investments assuring the achievement of our aims, the quality of our projects and a good payback. The quality of our buildings is one of the keypoints of our phylosophy. We offer only the best solutions, designing each house to fit the needs of our customers.


Born in Trebisacce (CS) in 1965. Now he lives in Milan.

In 1984, as geometer, he starts his career in building working as yard director for a big building contractor in Milan.
Managing ten yards all around Milan and its hinterland, he improves his skills and knowledge in building.

In 1994 he sets up business on his own founding Art'Edil, in order to strengthen his skills and improve his professional services.

His activity is enriched by lots of international experiences.


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